Becky Quick on New Squawk Box Set: ‘This Is Nice, We All Get to Look at Each Other Again!’

By A.J. Katz 

If you watched Squawk Box this morning, you noticed a lot of differences.

CNBC unveiled a brand new look this morning for its morning show, featuring an entirely new set, new music, new lighting, new graphics, and more.

The set features a round table, bringing Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin back to the first floor at the Nasdaq Marketsite in Times Square. The Squawk Box set had most recently been upstairs.

“Welcome to our new set, our new look!” Quick said at the top of the program. “We are still live at the Nasdaq marketsite in Times Square, but we’re a little old school where we’re all looking at each other.”

Sorkin added: “The new digs are old, a little back to the future…you and I together ‘this way,’ Sorkin gestured towards Kernen. “Becky still in the middle, it’s all the same in some ways.”

“I gotta get used to this,” said Kernen.

“It’s very much like our set many years ago where we’re all together, round table,” said Sorkin.

“I have been the umpire at a tennis match for years at this point,” Quick quipped. “This is nice, we all get to look at each other again and we get to see our guests.”


“Nothing was spared, in terms of money for this,” said Kernen. “It looks like an Elon Musk design set almost, as we head into space.”

And new graphics: