Beck To Olbermann: “Just Admit It! Just Admit That You’re A Liberal”

By Brian 

What is Glenn Beck‘s beef with Keith Olbermann? In this Radar Q&A, he tells you:

  “My problem with Keith Olbermann is, Just admit it! Just admit that you’re a liberal. I have not heard the man get on television and say, Look, I’m as liberal as they come. I’ll come on and say I’m not a journalist, I’m as conservative as you can get.

When pressed in the interview, he added:

  “I can give you the same critique of Bill O’Reilly as well. Just come out and say it! Look, these are my political leanings. I’m an independent as well, but I’m a conservative. I’m not voting for a Republican or a Democrat. I’d like to throw both of them under the bus quite frankly. Anybody who tells you that they’re objective and non-biased and this is the straight truth, period, is bullcrap. If they tell you this is the straight truth as I see it, I’ve been as fair and objective as I can possibly be — that’s somebody who’s telling me the truth.”  

Here’s the full Q&A…