Beck On Bloggers

By Chris Ariens 

About our earlier post: Glenn Beck v. Gamers:

We were just sent this post from the Xbox360 Fanboy blog. Beck has apparently been on a gamer tirade lately saying, “I will tell you that all these video gamers … they’re bloggers, as well as video gamers — they’re writing all kinds of stuff about me [that] I’m the enemy now of video gamers. I could care less about video games. Video game bloggers? They’re losers…”But only video game bloggers, right Glenn?

Beck responds to TVNewser:

“I stand by my view that a video game that allows you to have sex with a prostitute and then beat her to death might be a bad influence on people. However, if video game bloggers want to disagree with me, join the club. And of course, I just meant that video game bloggers are losers…TV News bloggers are brilliant beyond measure.”

We thought so. Thanks, Glenn.