Bashar Assad to Charlie Rose: ‘If it Bleeds it Leads’

By Chris Ariens 

In his interview with Syrian President Bashar Assad, part of which aired tonight on “60 Minutes,” Charlie Rose asked about the weapons of war used in Syrian during the four year conflict. Assad used the opporutnitie to take a shot at the media, saying the coverage of the use of chlorine gas, and barrel bombs “is part of the malicious propaganda against Syria.”

Rose then asked why Assad doesn’t allow inspectors to come in to determine that these weapson aren’t being used. His response included a line that has its origins in local TV news, when the newscasts became a recap of the nightly police blotter.

We always ask a delegation, impartial delegation to come and investigate. But I mean logically and realistically [chlorine gas] cannot be used as a military. This is part of the propaganda because, as you know, in the media when it bleeds it leads. And they always look for something that bleeds, which is the chlorine gas and the barrel bombs.