Barz Leaving GMA, Returning To Chicago

By Brian 

Mike Barz enjoyed being Good Morning America’s weatherman… but then ABC promoted Sam Champion in September, “and Barz was sent back to doing the occasional feature reports he was hired to do,” The Chicago Tribune reports.

“To have that kind of candy taken away from you, I’m not going to lie, it was a little frustrating,” Barz says. “You have this perception of what network news is all about. You have this dream that it’s going to be glamorous in a way. Then you get there and find it’s not exactly the picture you painted in your mind.

So you take a step back and go: ‘Wait a second. Is this the most important thing to me, just being on national TV? Or is it having a leadership position where you can actually be there every day, lead a team of people and implement what you’ve learned to put a quality product out there?'”

He chose the latter, obviously. He’s returning to Chicago as a co-host of WFLD’s morning show, the Tribune reports (via FTVLive, who had it first)…