Bartiromo & Burnett: The Rate Of Interest

By Chris Ariens 

The NYDaily NewsDavid Hinckley sums up the Maria BartiromoErin Burnett chatter of the last couple of months: “Apparently, nothing turns some men on like the sight of an attractive woman talking about the impact of lowered interest rates on institutional investors.” Hinckley calls it “unscientific” and “somewhat insulting” but “sometimes-heard explanation” for the attention.

But that attention is “very good news for [CNBC] whose total viewership has declined considerably over the past six years — though it remains popular with people in the game and thus makes a lot of money.”

Hinckley writes: “Bartiromo’s contract expires in 2008, and the biz world is already pumping out rumors that the fledgling Fox business network may try to lure her — or Burnett — over to the new team.”