Back In Bounds? McCain Team at CNN Grill

By SteveK 

The CNN Grill has been quite the place for the last couple weeks. You could find big name celebs, grab a free meal from a well-known chef or break into a spontaneous dance party.

It can even bring Sen. John McCain spokesperson Tucker Bounds to call CNN, “top-notch.”

Remember Bounds? More than 500,000 people on YouTube have seen his on-air showdown with Campbell Brown from earlier this week, which led the campaign to cancel a Larry King Live interview with the nominee.

But it appears things have been smoothed over. Bounds and some other McCain staffers were at the CNN Grill last night for dinner, and Bounds talked to the CNN Political Ticker.

“I’m an enormous fan of Campbell,” said Bounds. “I actually have a great time every time I come on with you guys. John Roberts and John King — everybody’s great. CNN’s top-notch.”

Bounds reports he had the fried chicken and it was, “very good.” So that probably helped.

Brown tells TVNewser she hasn’t run in to Bounds while in St. Paul. We’ll have more from our interview with the CNN anchor, later today.

> Update: We hear Bounds was back in the Grill for lunch today, and talked to Brown, who invited him back on the show.

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