Assuming Diane Leaves Next Year… Westin Has His Eye On Campbell

By Brian 

Let’s assume Diane Sawyer leaves Good Morning America next year. (Why wouldn’t she? She’s been hosting the show since 1999. And David Westin now says Robin Roberts was made a co-host “in anticipation” that either Sawyer or Gibson might leave.)

Who would replace Diane? Read this NYT paragraph carefully: “In an interview, David Westin…would not comment on widespread speculation within the news division that Ms. Sawyer…is considering leaving the program next year. But Mr. Westin did express ardent admiration for the work of a possible replacement: Campbell Brown of NBC, who had been a candidate to succeed Ms. Couric on ‘Today’ and whose contract expires next year.”

> April 7, TVNewser: “When Campbell’s contract is up ‘as soon as next year,’ what network will she move to?”