Asner Says He Faced Fox “Lynch Mob”

By Brian 

Actor Ed Asner, a death penalty opponent, appeared on Court TV today to talk about the Stanley “Tookie” Williams case. He said he felt like he was appearing before a lynch mob when he appeared on Fox recently:

“…I would be amazed if he did commute. It just strikes me that you know we go through these dog and pony shows all the time. It gives me an opportunity to appear before your cameras and spout and it gives other people a very good platform to spout.

I must say that on your program from the guests that you’ve had on prior to me I am very impressed with the quality and the fact that you’ve given equal time to anti death penalty or certainly to commutation, clemency in this case.

I was on FOX TV the other day and I thought I was appearing before a lynch mob. So it’s very refreshing to be on your show.