#AskNewser: What Safety Measures Are You Taking Off-Camera, and How Have Those Approaches Changed Since Earlier in the Pandemic?

By A.J. Katz 

We’re back with another installment of our #AskNewser series, and this one has a pandemic focus.

Medical experts are truly in demand in 2020. Turn on a cable news network at any point during the day, and you’ll see either a full-time network on-air medical correspondent, or a physician from a hospital/medical center beaming in from their office to provide their thoughts on what’s taking place.

While the networks have been doing an increasingly good job at providing safe work environments for their staffers, we want to hear from the longtime on-air medical news correspondents out there about best practices outside the workplace.


Our question for the on-air medical correspondents: At this point in the pandemic, what safety measures are you taking off camera and how have those approaches changed since earlier in the pandemic?”

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