Ashleigh Banfield Named “Guest Host” For Court TV Daytime Shows

By Brian 

Court TV News has signed former MSNBCer Ashleigh Banfield to the network’s on-air team, the network announced today She will “serve as a guest host for various daytime programs including Open Court and Catherine Crier Live.” (She started subbing in April.)

The press release calls her a “news journalist” and a “news vet.” Here’s a quote from EVP Marlene Dann: “We are pleased to have Ashleigh join the Court TV News family. She has covered some of the biggest stories from around the country and the globe, and her vast experience in breaking news will be a welcome addition to the new and distinct Court TV News.”

> Update: 4:47pm: “It’s not surprising that Ashleigh found her way to Court TV, otherwise known as the network ‘Where Former Rising Stars Go To Die,'” a former co-worker of Banfield’s e-mails. “Talk about dropping down the food chain — One day she’s a rising star in the NBC News family, and the next she’s relegated to daytime on a network no one watches unless there’s a verdict in a celebrity trial.”