As News Prepares to Break In Yemen, Only CNN, Al Jazeera English Have Correspondents In-Country

By Alex Weprin 

Sometime in the next 48 hours, the embattled president of Yemen will make his first public appearance since being wounded by shrapnel when his compound was attacked. Elsewhere in the region, Syria continues to face daily demonstrations and demands for reform from citizens.

2011 has seen an enormous amount of change in the Middle East and North Africa, including protests that led to the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

As the world watches, only two cable news channels are in-country to cover the news, CNN and Al Jazeera English.

CNN, which has a much larger international presence than its cable news competitors, now has two reporters in Yemen in Nic Robertson and Mohammed Jamjoom, both in the capital city of Sanaa.

CNN reporters Arwa Damon and Hala Gorani have been reporting from Syria since last week.

AJE has been all over the “Arab Spring” as it has come to be known, and received high marks for its coverage of the uprising in Egypt in particular. One of the network’s star correspondents, former CNN staffer Ayman Mohyeldin, has been making the media rounds stateside in an effort to secure wider distribution for he channel.