Are You On MSNBC’s Hot List?

By Brian 

MSNBC debuted two new entertainment shows over the weekend. One e-mailer’s review of “MSNBC At The Movies:” “Studiously derivative and unoriginal. Not worth the price of admission.” But an MSNer defends the program: “The show was fine; it was designed well — both esthetically and from an editorial perspective — and added a little kick to MSNBC’s weekend schedule.”

“I work at one of the syndicated entertainment shows, and MS isn’t doing anything new,” an e-mailer says — “just a bunch of red carpet interviews and clips. CNN has their People segment on at the same time. Therefore FOX is the only on live with news.”

On Sunday, “MSNBC Entertainment Hot List” showed a lot of potential. “Who knew they could do anything that well?,” an e-mailer said. “The movie show was ok…Hotlist was much better.”

More reviews of “At The Movies,” after the jump…

> “It looked different than anything on MSNBC. The content was fine and the talent is babealicious.”

> “MSNBC at the Movies is painful to watch. What’s the point of the show? Sharon Tay needs a lot of help and work. Absolutely dreadful.”

> “All this is…is a taped on Friday regretful regurging of Access Hollywood meets Showbiz Today.”

> “Tay still has some work to do, but I thought it was an all-around good show.”

> “Two thumbs down. If Tay is MSNBC’s answer to improving ratings, they need a dose of reality.”

> “MSNBC seems to be rebranding its weekends, at least until 1pm.”