Another Sign Of Fox’s Radio Plans…

By Brian 

It’s a slight change, but a notable one: recently updated its menu of links at the top of each page to create separate sections for “TV” and “Radio.” Fox News Radio was previously one of the items in the TV drop-down list. Currently, the Radio list only includes two links, to the Alan Colmes Show and Tony Snow Show. (Both shows now have very nice Web sites, too.) Watch the list of links to grow longer later this spring…

> Also: MediaWeek says: “In its network radio ratings debut, Dial-Global’s Fox News & Information Network, made up of inventory from Fox News Radio affiliates, ranked No. 27 out of 47 networks, according to the latest ratings report released Monday by RADAR, Arbitron’s network radio ratings service.”

> Jan. 6: “We’re going to shake things up,” Kevin Magee says

> Dec. 20: Radio is going to be huge for Fox, Roger Ailes says