Another Obama/Osama Slip-up…or Worse?

By SteveK 

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When it comes to confusing Osama bin Laden and Sen. Barack Obama on the cablers, there have been a surprisingly large number of instances, be it a verbal or a graphic error. Yesterday brought the newest instance of Obama/Osama confusion, although it may be the least of the implications.

During an interview on Fox News between anchor Eric Shawn and contributor Liz Trotta about the “assassination” comment by Sen. Hillary Clinton, Trotta mistakenly refers to Obama as Osama. “The vast right wing conspiracy blame has been undermined by her evasions, by her outright lies if I may say, by her pandering, by her race baiting, and now we have what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama,” she said.

Shawn corrected Trotta just as she herself realized she said the wrong name, and they simultaneously said, “Obama.” Then, Trotta appears to attempt to make a joke about the gaffe. “Well, both if we could,” she says, and laughs while Shawn says, “Talk about how you really feel.” He then changes the subject.

Across the web, the reaction to what Trotta may have been implying has been varied. Whatever the implication, it is the latest in the string of Obama/Osama mistakes in the mainstream media.

> Update: This morning, Trotta apologized: “I sincerely regret it and apologize to anybody I’ve offended.” Johnny Dollar has the video.

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