Anna Nicole: “It Was News As An Episode Of House Or CSI”

By Brian 

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The LAT’s Paul Brownfield writes:

  CNN had plenty of in-house expertise. Nancy Grace and Larry King were rushed onto the air, via phone. King, from Beverly Hills, spoke of her beauty in his older man’s gravelly voice and mentioned how he had one of Smith’s oil paintings hanging in his house. CNN’s in-house lawyer, Jeffrey Toobin, came on to discuss the legal ramifications of a woman who might not have made out a will, while the network’s in-house doctor, Sanjay Gupta, came on to discuss possible causes of death, which included ‘cardiac compromise,’ ‘pulmonary embolism’ and ‘medication interaction.’

It was news as an episode of ‘House’ or ‘CSI’ or even, given the whiff of hangers-on thrust into commentator roles, ‘Ugly Betty.’