Anna Nicole: ET Says Rita Was Booted From Stern’s Post-Funeral Reception

By Brian 

Rita Cosby caught the attention of Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday — but not in a good way:

  “Was someone booted from the reception following Anna’s funeral?

MSNBC reporter Rita Cosby says she was invited to the memorial event by the owner of the mansion where it was held. But ET has learned she was not on Howard’s list and was asked to leave by Anna’s attornies.

Cosby was an invited guest of Virgie Arthur at the funeral service held earlier in the day and was inside this reception long enough to get updates from Howard paying their respects to Anna. But, with Big Moe by Howard’s side, Rita never got close to the big get.”


> Update: Rita responds: “I am very flattered that ET dedicated so much of its show to me. I definitely was not ‘booted’ from the reception. I indeed was personally invited by the host and left on my own accord, even saying a friendly goodbye and chatting with her and others before leaving. I spoke to Howard K. Stern there and at the funeral earlier in the day, where I was also an invited guest.”