Ann Curry: “I Would Much Rather Die Covering Something That Mattered”

By Chris Ariens 

NBC’s Ann Curry is profiled in the Today show’s blog allDAY.

Q: You’re a mother and wife. Is that in the back of your mind as you plan for dangerous trips (Darfur, Lebanon, etc)?

Ann: Before I go, as I’m planning it, I do think, ‘OK, is this worth it? Is this important enough?’ But when I launch, I don’t think about it. When I’m there, I don’t think about it. I’m pushing, pushing, pushing to do the best job I can. I switch into work mode. Usually, I don’t really think about it again until I get back. Look, there is no way to make it OK for my kids. They pay a price. My husband is a ‘Go, go, go, Ann, do it. This is your dream. Do it.’ He’s a great supporter. And if I were to die, there is no way to make that right, and I know that. But on the other hand, I would much rather die doing this reporting than to be on a plane, on my way to interview Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. I would much rather die covering something that mattered.