Angelina Jolie: “You’re CNN. Don’t Do It”

By Chris Ariens 

During this morning’s interview with Angelina Jolie on CNN, Arwa Damon went there. Jolie, who was on the network to talk about her humanitarian mission to Iraq, was asked by Damon about her rumored pregnancy.

Damon: There are reports out of Hollywood that… (laughs)

Jolie: Oh don’t. Stop it. (interrupts I had to ask) Stay true to your tradition. You’re CNN. Don’t do it!

Damon: I know that’s why I have to… (Laughs)

Jolie: But I don’t have to answer. OK?

Damon: No you don’t. I completely and totally … you’re right and will not press the matter.

The exchange did not make it in to the CNN television interview but it is posted on