Andy Lack’s ‘Four-Screen Strategy’ For Bloomberg: ‘I don’t use the word TV’

By Merrill Knox 

Bloomberg Media Group CEO Andy Lack is profiled in this month’s Campaign Asia (the article is behind a paywall) about the integration of mobile technology into the traditional television platform. Lack says his agenda is to have content across as many platforms as posssible:

Having taken up the CEO post in 2008, Lack has influenced a cultural shift at Bloomberg. It’s what he refers to as the ‘four-screen strategy’, a push to get as much content distributed on every device with a screen display, across as many markets as possible. The transformation has led to greater integration, with his teams actively encouraged to think and work multiplatform. And Lack’s big personality and infectious enthusiasm has given those around him the confidence to achieve it.

“The challenge for Bloomberg, for me personally and professionally, is to make sure that our content is robust, fully integrated across our platforms, that we’re giving our viewers and users a seamless experience, and that we can capture them anywhere,” [Lack said]. “We don’t even talk about TV anymore the way we might have five years ago when I started here. I don’t use the word TV.”