Andrea Mitchell: ‘Following Ronald Reagan to Barbados for Easter Vacation Was Fun’

By Brian Flood 

ReaganMitchellNBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent and MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell is in Panama City, covering the Summit of the Americas. But she managed to take a few minutes to answer our 5 questions about her career, her husband, former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, and the pleasure of getting out of Washington.

TVNewser: You’re currently in Central America ahead of Pres. Obama’s arrival there. What’s the most exotic location you’ve been to on assignment covering a President?

Mitchell: It wasn’t exotic but following Ronald Reagan to Barbados for Easter vacation was fun – perhaps Reykjavik, Iceland for the showdown with Gorbachev. And all those trips to Iraq and Afghanistan with Secretaries of State.


TVNewser: With all the gridlock in Washington, how do you ensure that your reporting doesn’t get bogged down in the do-nothing nature of DC ?

Mitchell: That’s why I love going overseas – I learn so much and get a fresh perspective on Washington.

TVNewser:  How do you balance foreign travel with hosting a daily show on MSNBC?

Mitchell: I do both -we were live today in Panama and I did portions of my show from Lausanne and Israel in the past few weeks.

TVNewser:  You and your husband and very busy with your professional lives, so what do you do for fun?

Mitchell: We love tennis, music, baseball and good friends.

TVNewser:  What’s a specific meal you look forward to when you know you’re visiting a particular city?

Mitchell: You mean we are supposed to take breaks for meals?