Anderson Cooper Talks Family, Politics on Fox News

By Mark Joyella 

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Joking that CNN’s Anderson Cooper had “managed to hold his own from time to time” during an intense presidential campaign, Fox News host Megyn Kelly welcomed the CNN anchor to The Kelly File Thursday night with a string of clips of Cooper clashing with the candidates.

“It’s been such a crazy season,” Kelly said. “Maybe a little crazier for you than for me,” Cooper replied, describing Kelly’s question on women and sexism to Donald Trump in the first Republican debate as a “remarkable moment. I give you great props for the dignity with which you have handled this and the strength you have shown, asking completely legitimate questions in that debate and since.”

Cooper, whose book about his relationship with his mother has become a bestseller, also talked about his family.

Kelly asked the death of his brother, and how his grief led to a career as a journalist, at first traveling to war zones. “I wanted to be in places where the language of loss was spoken,” Cooper said. “When you’re grieving… I found it comforting to be in places where life and death was very much an issue, where I could learn about how to survive.”