Anderson Cooper Provides Fact-Checking Clinic in Interview with Texas Legislator

By Jordan Chariton 

Cooper Texas Anderson Cooper was in full fact-checking mode on last night’s “AC360,” correcting a Texas legislator advocating for the availability of gay conversion therapy in his state numerous times.

“You know that’s not true,” Cooper said to state representative Bryan Hughes, debunking Hughes’ claim that gay conversion therapy had been banned in New Jersey and California.

“It’s really not accurate to say doctors are evenly divided [on the therapy],” Cooper said, rolling off several prestigious medical institutions that say being gay is not a mental disorder needing to be cured. “That’s actually not true,” Cooper said just 12 seconds later, correcting Hughes’ claim that people for and against therapy testified in front of a state committee, noting those against the therapy weren’t able to testify because debate was closed. “Every one of us makes mistakes…God loves each one of us,” Hughes later said.

“The fact that you view being gay, or you characterize it as a mistake or something that should be changed really says more about your position than your words actually say,” Cooper concluded.