Anderson Cooper: No ‘Gotcha’ Questions for CNN Democratic Debate

By Mark Joyella 

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, set to moderate next week’s first Democratic presidential debate, says he’s not scripting any “gotcha” questions.

“I’m fascinated by obscure leaders from central Africa,” he told the Huffington Post, “but I’m not going to be quizzing people on it.”

Cooper said he’s not looking to pit candidates against each other, saying “it’s not my job in this kind of debate to try and force anything.”

He’s also not losing sleep about the ratings after two blockbuster Republican debates:

“I know other people would obviously like huge numbers,” he said. “But to me, if the story the next day is that we got a really good look at who these candidates are, and there were some great moments and some unexpected things happened or people got a different view of somebody, I think that’s a successful debate.”