Anderson Cooper Is Not in Talks for ‘CBS Evening News’ Job Says CNN

By kevin 

NY Times reports today that “CBS executives, mindful that Katie Couric’s contract expires in a little over a year, have talked to Anderson Cooper of CNN about an anchor job, according to two TV veterans informed of the meeting.” But CNN claims that no recent meeting on the matter has taken place.

Brian Stelter, writing for the NY Times’ MediaDecoder, reports that the meeting “took place months ago” and notes that “one of the TV veterans informed of the meeting noted that it is not uncommon for TV stars to meet with executives at other networks, particularly ahead of a contract renegotiation.”

A CNN spokesperson tells us, “Reports that Cooper has recently met with CBS News re: an anchor position are false. He is not engaged in any additional conversations with them beyond those necessary for his continuing role on ’60 Minutes.'”


“There hasn’t been one single discussion about altering Katie’s role or adjusting her contract,” CBS News and Sports president Sean McManus told TVNewser in early February. “Not one single discussion with anyone involved in the decision-making process.”

Cooper is currently a correspondent for CBS’ “60 Minutes.”