Anderson Cooper: ‘I Didn’t Want Anything Left Unsaid’

By Mark Joyella 

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and his mother, the designer Gloria Vanderbilt, talked this week about their relationship and the series of email conversations that led to a new book, “The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son Talk About Life, Love and Loss.”

“I didn’t want anything left unsaid between us,” Cooper said in an interview on CBS This Morning. “And I think many adult children want that…and don’t really know fully about their parent.”

Cooper and Vanderbilt also appeared together on Live with Kelly and Michael, where Vanderbilt opened up–as she did in the memoir–about the loves of her life, including Howard Hughes and Frank Sinatra.

On CBS, Cooper said the conversations with his mother taught him that it’s “never too late to change your relationship with somebody in your life.”

“You just have to put aside your sort of past resentment or embarrassment or all the things we all have with our parents growing up and see the person in a new way.”