“Anchorwoman” To Join O’Reilly

By Chris Ariens 

Lauren Jones, the bikini model-turned anchorwoman is making her TV debut a couple of nights early. The controversial Fox reality show “Anchorwoman” premieres Wednesday night, but Jones will be a guest on The O’Reilly Factor tonight.

B&C’s Michael Malone writes about the show, and how it caused quite a dust-up in Tyler, TX. Cameras followed the former WWE diva during a 30-day try-out at the CBS affiliate. But, as Malone writes, even the president of the company that owns Tyler’s Fox affiliate is outraged: “They’re making a mockery of the news department.” “We’ll run Anchorwoman, but I have reservations” said Sheldon Galloway, president of White Knight Broadcasting.

And here’s kicker: “Jones attracted new viewers that stuck around and may help ratings when July Nielsen sweeps numbers arrive soon.”