Anchor Shifts: NBC’s Today

By SteveK 

The three evening news anchors, CBS’ Katie Couric, ABC’s Charles Gibson and NBC’s Brian Williams, appeared this morning on the three network morning shows to promote the September 5 special, “Stand Up to Cancer!” (and accompanying web site). The order for the appearances went CBS, NBC, ABC and was determined by what worked best logistically.

Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira conducted the interview, although Lauer asked almost all of the questions. NBC chose to lead with the promo for the cause, a decision Gibson credited to Couric after it aired. “What you didn’t see is, they were going to play the PSA at the end but Katie took over and directed the whole thing,” he said.

“I’m baaack,” Couric said.

The trio spent time discussing the media’s role in the lead up to the Iraq war as they did on CBS’ The Early Show. Later, Lauer asked if the competition between the networks is now over. “There’ll be one evening broadcast,” said Williams.

“We’re going to be a troika of anchors every night,” said Couric. “That would solve a lot of problems.”

Lauer and Couric also joked about their time together at the Today show. “Watching the call pull up at 7:45 this morning just reminded me of what time you used to normally get here for the show,” Lauer said. “What does it feel like to be back?”

“It’s really fun, honestly I’m so happy to see everyone. I miss everyone,” said Couric. “But I don’t want to be like a weird stalker outside, with a sign like, ‘hi Matt and Meredith, how are you?’ But its really fun to be back.”

As Lauer teased the next segment about Sex and the City movie interview, Couric said she went to the premiere last night. “Okay, your time is up,” joked Lauer.

• Last night, Williams referred to the CBS morning show as, “CBS This Morning” as he ended his newscast.

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