“America Trusts CNN”…But…

By SteveK 

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CNN took out a full-page ad in several newspapers today, including the New York Times and the Washington Post, touting some #1’s related to Convention coverage.

But unlike the last ad that got hung up in the fine print, this one is missing some key words.

The ad correctly states CNN was the top cable network in the three demos during both Conventions, but when it says it was the most watched at 10pm across both Conventions, there is no note about it being only in the demo.

And just like the first victory, CNN won in the demos and FNC won in Total Viewers (5.4 for FNC vs. 5.2 million for CNN in combined viewership).

Nielsen did approve the print ad, but a CNN spokesperson says, “There will be a correction in future versions of the ad.”

Meanwhile Greta Van Susteren, who enjoys taking an occasional shot at her ex-employer, has her own problems with the ad:

CNN boasts about being #1 at 10pm during the political conventions. I suppose if I only won once or twice or a couple more times — even if not against my regular competition — I would want to take a bow — but spend all that shareholder money? now? and not against the regular team? What do they get?

> Update: A CNN spokesperson added: “All claims in the ad are accurate. Although Nielsen had approved the ad, apparently there was one source line missing from the fine print at the bottom which we will update in future versions of this ad.”