Amanpour Promotes bin Laden Doc At TCA

By Brian 

CNN stressed its international news strength at the TCA Press Tour on Friday. Christiane Amanpour appeared to talk about her new new documentary, “CNN Presents: In the Footsteps of bin Laden.” It premieres on Wednesday, August 23 at 9pm (in Larry King’s usual time slot).

The documentary, “filmed in 10 countries on four continents,” features “21 first-person accounts of bin Laden from his relatives, childhood friends, a former schoolteacher, co-jihadists, a bodyguard, even the wife of an al-Qaeda suicide bomber.” Related:

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> Also: “CNN has greenlighted a series of quarterly specials” by Amanpour. “First up will be July 19’s ‘Where Have All the Parents Gone,’ a special on orphans in Kenya,” B&C says…