Alison Stewart to Guest Host Maddow

By SteveK 

MSNBC alum, and all-around TV sweetheart Alison Stewart (so says Chris, who worked with her too) will be guest hosting The Rachel Maddow Show tonight and tomorrow night. This comes after some not-so-great reviews for Arianna Huffington’s guest hosting last night.

TV Guide gives a “cheer” to the hour — but it’s not what you think. “Cheers to Arianna Huffington for giving us one more reason to appreciate the genius of Rachel Maddow,” writes Bruce Fretts. Gawker puts together a montage of all the Huffington-esque pronunciations. Greeks. We’re headed to a luncheon which is being moderated by Huffington, so we’ll ask Arianna about Arianna. (Her interview with Bill Maher, after the jump).

As for Stewart, who at one time was Keith Olbermann’s regular fill-in, is closer to the Maddow show than you might think — she’s married to Maddow EP/MSNBC VP Bill Wolff. Maddow returns Thursday.

Olbermann is also off this week, taking his first vacation in more than a year. David Shuster is filling in all week for Olbermann.

> Update: We caught up with Huffington this afternoon, here’s what she had to say about her Maddow experience: “I love her team, it’s a fabulous team. I think the fact that her team works so well together is reflective in the show, and it starts at the top.”