Alexis Glick: ‘I will return to TV’

By Chris Ariens’s Jon Friedman catches up with Alexis Glick, who, in her own words, “just dropped off the face of the earth,” when she left Fox Business Network in late 2009, after being one of the founding anchors and executives of the network.

Glick, who was a rising star at NBC joined Fox Business before launch in 2007. After her departure, Friedman reveals, the personal struggles began.

Shortly after she left Fox, her husband, [pictured at the Fox Biz launch party in October, 2007] a vigorous man who had been a collegiate wrestler, had agonizing back problems and could barely walk. “We were in a panic and we didn’t know how to explain it to our kids,” Glick said.

The Glicks went to several hospitals in the New York area, trying to understand what had happened. Finally, he could undergo a procedure at the Hospital for Special Surgery that sent him on the road to a recovery. “Pieces of his discs separated and

basically they traveled up his spine and into the nerve column. He couldn’t do physical therapy until March,” she said.

Wihle her time away from TV has allowed Glick more time with her family, she vows a return to the medium.

Is it fair to say you’ll be back? I asked her. She smiled that familiar grin and nodded. “I will be back on TV.”

(Photo: Chris Ariens)