Alexander Marquardt Joins CNN as Senior National Correspondent

By A.J. Katz 

Alexander Marquardt is heading to CNN next month as senior national correspondent, based in New York.  He will cover domestic and breaking news for the network, and will report for all of CNN’s linear and digital platforms.

Marquardt was an ABC News foreign correspondent for eight years, leading the network’s international coverage from around the world.  He was just in France reporting on the country’s pivotal election.

For most of the past decade, Marquardt was based in Beirut, Jerusalem and Moscow, and has reported from the wars and conflicts of the Arab Spring. He was the first American broadcast TV correspondent in Cairo as the Egyptian revolution took off.

Marquardt has made numerous trips into Syria where he has reported on the war from both the rebel and regime sides. In 2012 and 2014, he was among the first journalists to go into the Gaza Strip to cover the war with Israel.

“Having grown up as an American expat helps me bring home these global stories to an American audience,” Marquardt told TVNewser in 2015.

Marquardt has won Emmy awards for reporting from Libya and an undercover investigation into underage sex trafficking in the Philippines, which also won an Edward R. Murrow Award.

Before joining ABC, Marquardt covered the 2008 election as an off-air embed for CNN.  He covered then-Senators Obama, Biden and Clinton, as well as Governors Romney and Huckabee for the network.

Marquardt started his journalism career as an NBC Page after graduating from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service