Alec Baldwin: “I’ll Never Do Today Again, Ever”

By Alissa Krinsky 

In an interview with Playboy, actor Alec Baldwin — who stars on NBC’s 30 Rock — says he has severed ties with the network’s Today show.

At issue: the way Baldwin says the program handled reporting the story of his now-infamous 2007 voicemail message to his daughter that was leaked to the public.

“Matt Lauer interviewed [Harvey] Levin before he even called me,” Baldwin says, referring to the founder and editor of, where the audio of the voicemail was first posted.

“Lauer put Levin on Today, and they never phoned me,” Baldwin continues. “When it’s in their interest to reach me, they know how. I saw that and said, ‘My relationship with the Today show is over.’ I’ll never do Today again, ever. Life’s too short.”

Today‘s spokesperson has not responded to TVNewser’s requests for comment.