Al Sharpton’s Guest Tonight Resembles… Al Sharpton

By Brian Flood 

The real Al Sharpton is about to meet the fake Al Sharpton.

“Saturday Night Live” cast member Kenan Thompson, who regularly impersonates the reverend, is scheduled to appear on tonight’s episode of “Politics Nation” at 6pmET.

“I’m excited about having Kenan on, especially for the anniversary of SNL. I hope to turn the tables on him.  After all his impersonations of me, I’m having him on Politics Nation so that I can call the shots,” Sharpton told TVNewser.

The “SNL” star is joining Sharpton to discuss the upcoming 40th anniversary special, and we’re hoping Thompson shows up in full Sharpton character. But we must admit, Sharpton’s dramatic weight loss has made Thompson’s version less realistic, which is probably a good thing for the MSNBC host.

Check out Thompson playing Sharpton below: