Ailes Takes Aim At Cooper & O’Brien

By Brian 

Roger Ailes‘ recent barb at Anderson Cooper — “we haven’t spent $20 million marketing a single star, as one of our competitors has, although not their top-rated star, which I found interesting” — was great, but I think this other remark is even more revealing. It comes at the end of this Miami Herald piece:

“Other cable news networks seem less interested in reporting the complicated politics of the crisis in Lebanon than in trying to embarrass the U.S. government, Ailes said. ‘One of my competitors spent three days on Cyprus trying to find somebody who didn’t like the government because the plane was four hours late and they didn’t get a candy bar in line,’ he said, jabbing at a lengthy report by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien on the evacuation of U.S. citizens from Beirut. ‘I thought that was not where the story was.'”

> Also: Glenn Garvin says “about two-thirds of the 150 critics left the room before Ailes took the stage, several of them openly voicing their scorn for what they say is Fox News’ conservative spin…”