Ahmadinejad To Wallace: “Are You A Rep. Of The Zionist Regime? Or A Journalist?”

By Brian 

Mike Wallace‘s interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made 60 Minutes the top-rated show of Sunday night. Drudge says the program pulled a 13 share. Here’s a sample exchange:

  WALLACE: Who supports Hezbollah? Who has given Hezbollah hundreds of millions of dollars for years? Who has given Hezbollah Iranian-made missiles and rockets that is making — that are making all kinds…

AHMADINEJAD: Are you the representative of the Zionist regime? Or a journalist?

WALLACE: I’m a journalist. I am a journalist.

AHMADINEJAD: This is not journalism, sir. Hezbollah is a popular organization in Lebanon, and they are defending their land…