Aftermath: “Without Us Showing These Pictures, The World May Have Never Known,” Gary Tuchman Says

By Brian 

On Thursday night, CNN broadcast some of this tragedy’s most gruesome pictures yet. Gary Tuchman narrated:

 “The New Orleans Convention Center has been described by many as the hurricane shelter from hell. Now there is explicit evidence of that.

Very disturbing photographs supplied to CNN show four dead people who had apparently been mutilated. A source outraged at what happened who was inside the center gave these photographs to CNN. It is not known how these people died. But the source says it is apparent that, at some point, they had been physically abused.

One photograph of two corpses in a wheelchair is too gruesome for us to show. Three of the victims are male, one female.”

Back on camera, Tuchman said: “We don’t know who did this, why they did this, or even when they did this. But we do know, they did this. And without us showing these pictures, the world may never have known.”

Tuchman tossed back to Anderson Cooper, who said: “We want the world to know what happened here and the people of New Orleans want the world to know what has happened — what happened here and what continues to happen here.”