Aftermath: “A New Humility, Transparency, Fallibility, & Humanity In Big News?”

By Brian 

Jeff Jarvis: “I think the best of it is that journalism knows it has not done its best. That is new.

Last week, as the horror of it only started to rise, Aaron Brown turned his langorous gaze to the camera and tried to ask a correspondent whether we — CNN, reporters, all of journalism — yet had our hands around the story, the size of it. He didn’t get an answer — bad communications got in the way — but that didn’t matter, for the question was the answer. No, we did not nearly know what the story was.

And a few days later, in a cameo on a WNBC telethon, Brian Williams flat out said that news media — and he led the charged — had not grasped or conveyed the full story.

I don’t know whether this is really the mark of a new humility, transparency, fallibility, and humanity in big news. But I hope it is.