Acosta Returns From “Trip of a Lifetime” Assignment to Cuba

By SteveK 

CNN correspondent Jim Acosta returned today from Havana, Cuba, where he has filed reports since late last week for American Morning.

Acosta, a Cuban American who had never been to the island, was granted a journalists visa last Wednesday and was on a plane the next day.

“This was more than just an assignment in a country that’s off-limits for most Americans,” Acosta tells TVNewser. “It was the trip of a lifetime. My dad left the island when he was 12 years old, two weeks before the Cuban Missile Crisis. All I’ve ever known about Cuba were my father’s childhood memories. So, this journey gave me a chance to put some faces with the memories.”

During the trip, Acosta kept viewers in the loop through his blog and Twitter feed.

Click continued to see one of his reports from Cuba…

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