Abrams Puts Viewers In The Control Room

By Brian 

Part of Dan Abrams‘ plan to differentiate MSNBC involves opening “to the viewers the process of making a news program,” Michele Greppi reports.

“Abrams plans to use shots of the control room during broadcasts and make viewers privy to the conversations between anchors and producers, he said. ‘It’s urgent. It’s not fake. It’s real,’ Mr. Abrams said. ‘In the control room, there is often some degree of chaos. The viewer should see more of the process.'” (ICN disagrees.)

“Expect to see more of it in the days and weeks to come,” Abrams added.

> Also: Abrams said the July 4 missile launch didn’t merit wall-to-wall coverage. “We are going to continue to be the source for the most important stories of the day,” he said. “Does that mean that every time there is a big story we are going to air six hours of live programming around it? Not necessarily.”

(Photo via ICN)