Abrams on the Menu: “We Have Not Had Any Problems With Any Potential Ethical Issues”

By SteveK 

Abrams Research founder and CEO Dan Abrams joined us on the Menu podcast today, while stepping in for Glynnis as co-host was mediabistro.com managing editor Rebecca Fox.

We talked to Abrams about his upcoming media blog. “We’re close to figuring out what we want to do, and once we do that I think they’re be a more definitive timeline,” he said, although he did reveal the name “Mediaite.com” is the “working title,” and will be the URL “until someone comes up with something better.”

We also talked about what Abrams Research is specifically working on with companies — Abrams pointed to social media. “I would argue that any company that doesn’t have a significant and calculated social strategy is basically throwing away free marketing,” he says, although he’s not ready to name names on who his company is working with.

Why? “There are clients we have already had that are comfortable with us releasing the names. I have decided not to release their names because I don’t know that it helps those clients because of all the faux issues that have been raised about the business,” he said.

Also discussed: why he thinks it’s a good move for the AP to take on aggregators, the coverage that is “far more of a conflict” than the “invented issues” with his business and what he thinks is behind this column, critical of Abrams Research, by Jon Fine.

You can listen to all the past podcasts at BlogTalkRadio.com/mediabistro and call in at 646-929-0321. Tomorrow on the podcast: Tucker Carlson.

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