ABC’s “Mega” Super Tuesday

By Chris Ariens 

Variety breaks the news of ABC’s political “mega coverage” next Tuesday. “Super Tuesday Showdown: Coast to Coast” will blow out regular prime time entertainment shows on ABC.

ABC News has the top two most-watched debates of the primary season, the back-to-back Republican and Democratic debates on Jan. 5.

NBC is planning one hour of coverage in prime time, but has MSNBC which will be covering Super Tuesday using the resources and anchors of NBC News. As for CBS, Variety reports, “industry insiders believe CBS is very close to expanding [from one hour] to two hours.”

ABC’s Charles Gibson is expected to stay at the anchor desk from 8pmET to 1amET (10amPT) but could stay on longer if necessary. Variety reports, “Local stations will cut in at least twice per hour, at around 25 and 55 minutes past the hour” and for their late local news.