ABC’s Chris Cuomo On Competing in a Triathlon… And Wearing Spandex

By Alex Weprin 

ABC News anchor Chris Cuomo is interviewed by Men’s Health on competing in the New York City Triathlon (pictured) as well as wearing Spandex, which he said was a “violation of Man Law,” at least until he tried it:

“Soon I was keeping pace with the fast riders in Central Park. There were two things about them, however, that I was not willing to emulate: spandex and shaved legs. Simply put, both are violations of Man Law.”

“But a few rides in, I realized that spandex was much less of a threat to my manhood than chafing was. So I started to wear outfits that wrapped me like a sausage and cushioned my bits. That said, the relative Mendoza Line still exists: I have not taken a razor below my neck, and by Zeus, I will fight that to the end”