ABC, CBS, NBC All Report on Fox News Woes

By Chris Ariens 

It was inevitable that this week’s chaos at Fox News would hit the mainstream airwaves.

All three network evening newscasts Tuesday night and all three network morning shows today covered the news of O’Reilly losing his advertisers, as well as another sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the network and its former CEO Roger Ailes, as well as an amended racial discrimination suit adding a third black employee of Fox’s accounting department. And that’s just the last 72 hours.

Dean Reynolds reported the story for CBS Evening News and Anna Werner reported for CBS This Morning; Linsey Davis reported for ABC’s World News Tonight and Mara Schiavocampo reported for Good Morning America; and on NBC News, Anne Thompson reported for Nightly News and Tom Costello reported for the Today show.

As of now 21 advertisers have pulled their ads off O’Reilly’s show. FNC’s EVP of ad sales says those ads were moved to other Fox News programs. But one advertiser was caught off guard. Realtor Coldwell Banker had a spot run on the show last night, but said that won’t happen again.