ABC Banishes Ron Paul/Stossel Interview to the Web

By SteveK 

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The Huffington Post’s Matt Simon reports that ABC has moved an hour-long interview with Rep. Ron Paul conducted by 20/20’s John Stossel to the web. Earlier this week, Stossel wrote about the upcoming interview.

In his article, Stossel wrote, “Despite relatively low poll numbers, Paul has had a big influence on the presidential campaign. That’s in part because he’s raised a ton of money, and in part because of the passionate following he has on the Web. It’s one reason we’re posting my interview with Paul only on the Internet…”

Simon doubts Stossel is so accepting of the internet-only airing. “I’m pretty sure I heard a wink in there somewhere,” he writes.

Simon questions ABC’s motive in making the move. “If ABC claims to be operating in the public interest, on what grounds can it reasonably suppress this unusually thought-provoking interview?” he asks.

In the interview already on the ABC site, Paul tells Stossel, his beliefs about personal freedom — specifically that all drugs and prostitution should be legal in states that choose to permit it.

>Update: An ABC spokesperson tells TVNewser, “Sorry, but you’ve got this wrong. From the start this was meant to be an ABC News Digital exclusive and never intended for “20/20.” Our reporters produce material for different platforms all the time. The campaign understood that going in. We’re thrilled that a huge online audience has taken the time to watch this fascinating interview.”