ABC Asks “What’s The Fix?”

By SteveK 

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ABC News’ week-long series, “America’s Economy: What’s the Fix?” begins this weekend. Part of the series will be George Stephanopoulos’ interview with President-elect Barack Obama on “This Week.”

The series continues will continue on each of the ABC News programs and platforms, including GMA, Nightline, World News, ABC News NOW, ABC News Radio and ABC NewsOne.

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With the American economy in its worst state in generations, ABC News will take an in-depth look at the key economic issues that will dominate 2009 and beyond. Beginning Sunday, January 11th, the news division will feature a week-long series — “America’s Economy: What’s the Fix?” – airing across ABC News’ broadcasts, ABC News Radio, and ABC News Digital. And to frame the serious economic challenges facing the country today, George Stephanopoulos will conduct an exclusive interview with President-elect Barack Obama on Sunday’s “This Week.”

Throughout the week, “America’s Economy: What’s the Fix?” will tackle core economic topics and possible solutions:

Sunday, January 11 — The current crisis, how we got here and where the Obama administration is taking us
Monday, January 12 — Where We Live: How the housing crisis can be fixed and how long it will take
Tuesday, January 13 — What We Save: How to protect your money and financial future in a market that’s melting down
Wednesday, January 14 — How We Work: Getting America back to work as millions lose their jobs and industries collapse
Thursday, January 15 — What We Buy: How the recession is changing America’s consumer culture
Friday, January 16 — ABC News Investigates: Who’s at fault and are they being held accountable?

The series kicks off on Sunday with the weekend edition of “Good Morning America,” “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” and “World News Sunday.” Stephanopoulos’ exclusive sit-down with President-elect Obama will cover a wide range of topics, including his economic stimulus proposal and plan to get the economy back on track. The series will continue throughout the week on “Good Morning America,” “World News with Charles Gibson,” and “Nightline,” and will also be featured on ABC News Radio, ABC News NOW, and ABC NewsOne — the network’s affiliate news service. will provide original, in-depth reporting on the financial crisis, as well as video and text stories to compliment that series’ broadcasts reports.

“America’s Economy: What’s the Fix?” will also feature results from the ABC News Polling Unit’s exclusive Consumer Comfort Index – now in the midst of its worst stretch in 23 years of weekly polling – as well as data from a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll on economic anxiety. Among those findings, one in four Americans reports a cut in pay or work hours in their household, job insecurity is its highest in polls back to 1975, two-thirds are worried about maintaining their standard of living – and 66 percent call the economy the single most important issue for President-elect Barack Obama and the Congress to tackle this year.