A Victory For Lou Dobbs

By Brian 

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The front page of today’s Wall Street Journal includes this report:

“On Monday, Feb. 13, as Americans were fixated on media accounts of Vice President Dick Cheney’s weekend hunting accident, CNN commentator Lou Dobbs weighed in on a different story. In a “special report” on his evening program, he asserted that ‘a country with ties to the Sept. 11 terrorists could soon be running significant operations at some of our most important and largest seaports with a full blessing of the Bush White House.'”

The same day, Michael Savage also attacked the deal. And those broadcasts, the WSJ says, “helped set off a grass-roots brushfire that quickly consumed lawmakers in Washington.”

Now that the deal has been scuttled, Dobbs is on a victory tour of sorts. He appeared on CNNI’s Your World Today at noon to talk about the deal…