A Triumphant Day, and a Mug, for CNN’s ‘Jim Berman’

By Mark Joyella 

Berman has his #MugNow.

CNN “Early Start” anchor John Berman, justifiably miffed that his early morning newscast was the only network news program outside of North Korea without its own branded coffee mug, launched a social media campaign, #MugsNow, in an effort to guilt CNN into springing for some cups.

It took months–and in the process, viewers sick of hearing him talk and tweet about it eager to help pitched in with their own hand-crafted cups.


Then the real mugs were revealed, arriving in CNN bureaus around the globe–and popping up in taunting photos since Berman, the mug who just wanted a mug, didn’t get one. Until now.

Just before 5 a.m. ET on “Early Start,” co-anchor Christine Romans ceremonially reached into what appeared to be a Duane Reade bag and handed Berman the mug he’d been waiting for–even customized to read “Jim Berman.”

Happy now, ya mug?