A Timely Standards Session At CBS

By Brian 

“We think we have fixed the situation.” That’s what CBS News senior VP for standards and special projects Linda Mason says about the CBS producer fired for plagiarising. So Public Eye’s Brian Montopoli pushed harder:

  Montopoli: Has there been any change in reminding people about standards? Has there been anything like that?

Mason: Well, every time something like this happens, whether it’s at CBS, the New York Times, NBC, ABC, yeah, we sit down and say, “Hey, we’ve gotten a little too complacent, we have to pay attention to these things.” Absolutely.

Montopoli: And so did that entail a company-wide refresher course?

Mason: There wasn’t a refresher course. It was ironic because I was scheduled to give a standards session to the Web at that very time, right before it happened…

Montopoli: But that would have happened either way.

Mason: That would have happened either way, yeah. It wasn’t spurred by that event. It was spurred by, as I went through the different groups who I had not yet reached, the Web was one of them.